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PRISM Career Explorer is a convenient, easy to use, online resource that provides instructive, insightful information that can empower you to take control of your career exploration journey in 4 easy steps.

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  • Instant access to a database of around 1000 careers
  • Unlimited exploration of the roles in the database
  • Access to the unique PRISM Career Explorer questionnaire
  • Unique Career Explorer report
  • Instant access to a database of around 500 college majors



PRISM Career Explorer - What is it?

Identify accurately and comprehensively your natural strengths, interests, and work preferences

The most important step in the career exploration process is gaining or enhancing self-awareness. The better you know yourself the more likely you will be to make good career decisions and feel confident about the direction you’re moving towards.

Why is this important?

The ultimate goal in choosing a career is to find one that is consistent with your skills, values, interests, work aptitudes and behavioural strengths . These traits are not always easy to identify, but PRISM Career Explorer can generate a written report which helps you build a comprehensive and accurate picture of yourself. The report can be invaluable to you later when writing resumés and CVs.

Examine on demand and in detail the key characteristic of some 1000 careers

To help you do this easily, PRISM Career Explorer provides you with instant access to a comprehensive database of around 1000 careers. This makes it simple to explore and identify those careers that meet your expectations and requirements time and time again, with unlimited searches. This website was developed to assist you in exploring these areas in depth. Use it as a resource that you can refer to when required.

Why is this important?

Good career planning and decision-making involves learning about careers, types of work, educational requirements, and job functions. These are critically important in understanding which careers meet your interests and goals.

Compare your personal strengths, interests and work preferences with the ones normally associated with those careers

In making career decisions, the work you choose to pursue will have a direct impact on the way you live your life. Remember, making the right career decision can be both a challenging and rewarding process. Be patient with yourself.

Why is this important?

By allowing yourself time to explore the information provided on this website you will begin to develop greater confidence in your career exploration. PRISM Career Explorer enables you to take what you have learned about yourself and piece it together with what you have discovered about specific careers. You can now begin to evaluate which career options meet your needs and which do not. In doing so, you can also begin to create an action plan for what you need to do to achieve success.

Discover the secrets of how to market yourself successfully to potential employers

In a competitive job market, you are likely find yourself up against dozens of candidates for the same position. The best way to succeed in these competitive times and stand out from the crowd is to learn how to sell yourself.

Why is this important?

Employability is about much more than just getting qualifications – it’s about developing a positive self image and presenting yourself effectively to potential employers. PRISM Career Explorer provides you with the latest tips and insider advice, enabling you to excel at a wide range of activities from writing resumés and CVs, to handling difficult interview questions, all of which could mean the difference between success and failure in your job hunting activities.

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